Message from the President

Enrich the world with smiles


Everyone’s wish is to live a healthy life, but in reality, this is not always possible as people sometimes need to seek medical care at medical institutions, due to various causes, where they can maintain their health with pharmaceutical products. Among various medicines, peptide therapeutics are attracting attention mainly for its manufacturing cost advantage compared to macromolecular drugs such as antibodies. Recently, research and development of medium-sized molecular drugs, as typified by peptide therapeutics, are being promoted by many pharmaceutical companies and we have seen an increase over the last 10 years in the number of peptides entering the market to treat patients.

Jitsubo is working on the research and development of high-quality and affordable peptide drug APIs by combining state-of-the-art science technology and the company’s cultivated technologies. Our recent partnership with Neuland (India) in March 2018, has now given us the capabilities to commercially produce peptide drug APIs, leveraging our core technologies, for the world market.

Considering the increasing demand for switching to generic products not only in peptide drugs, but also in all pharmaceutical products, it is inevitable that the development of low cost API manufacturing methods will continue to evolve in many pharmaceutical companies. Based on our management philosophy of “Enrich the world with smiles”, Jitsubo continues to strive to further improve our innovative technologies with the aim of making peptide drugs affordable for all patients in the world.

April 2018
Kazuaki Kanai, CEO