Molecular Hiving™

Highly efficient peptide manufacturing technology with hydrophobic tags

Jitsubo’s new-generation peptide synthesis technology realizes the key advantages offered by both of the standard methods for manufacturing peptides, solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) and liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS). By using its patent-protected achiral hydrophobic tags, the solubility of peptides can be controlled between soluble and insoluble forms, depending on the solvent used. These features lead to high reactivity during the synthesis and allow us to easily isolate our targeted peptide during work-up process. Consequently, Jitsubo can manufacture peptides in a high yield and purity which leads to significantly lower costs compared to LPPS and SPPS.

A synthesis starts by attaching one of our patented hydrophobic tags to the C-terminal amino acid. Simple peptide chemistry reactions can then be performed in a hydrophobic solvent. When the reaction is complete, confirmed by monitoring with HPLC or TLC, the tagged peptides can be precipitated by the addition of a hydrophilic solvent, which can then be isolated by filtration. This process effectively removes any excess reagents that were present in the reaction mixture, resulting in a peptide with a high purity and yield.

Special features

  • The hydrophobic tag has a simple achiral structure and is inexpensive to produce (patent rights have been acquired)
  • Conducting synthetic reactions in solution enables highly efficient reactions
  • Tagged peptide can be easily precipitated and isolated


  • Highly efficient synthesis without the use of excess raw materials
  • High-purity peptides can be manufactured because process monitoring is simple
  • Loss is minimized during downstream process due to high purity of crude peptide obtained in upstream process
High Quality, Short Lead Time, and Low Cost of Peptide API can be manufactured by Molecular Hiving™